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02:57pm 29/04/2014
I'm taking a quick break from studying for my finals to talk about Beck.
When Beck's album "Guero" came out in 2005, I was still fledgling to the world of music. But I remember 'Black Tambourine' and 'Girl,' and I LOVE those songs. So much that I sung them unknowingly for the next 9 years.
In early high school, I downloaded some other bits of the album, and still fell in love, not knowing the plethora of Beck that was to follow. Then "The Information" was released, and of course I fell head over heels in love with the song "Nausea."
I loved Beck. And I didn't even know it. The lyrics were catchy and simple, and the rhythms were complex, yet modern and danceable. And I loved it. That is honestly what I love in good music; it explains my undying love for The Ting Tings, a genre of music that I would never catch myself listening to!

But I restarted my Rhapsody account, and it recommended Beck. So I downloaded all of "Guero," and just...happiness. Pure happiness, you guys. It is honestly the old/new music I have been striving to hear for the past few years. I was sick of listening to the same crap (wonderful crap!) that I've had on repeat since high school, and I was burning for something familiar, but fresh, and modern, and catchy, and something that would encompass me as a musician, and me as a person.
And I found "Guero."
And I just felt ready enough yesterday afternoon to take a peek into "The Information," and I just died. I've already doodled a thousand Tsu's in various different poses and expressions out of pure inspiration, because this is the medicine that I needed. This is the cure.
I love Beck you guys, I really do. I always have. I guess I was just scared to admit it.

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04:21pm 03/04/2014

General Rules!
-Sales permission granted on 4/2/12 by entirelycliched.
-My feedback can be found here:
-I accept Paypal (preferred) and snail mail concealed cash. Items won't be shipped until payment is received.
-All sales are final.
-Transactions are considered complete when I ship the item and leave you feedback, and when you receive the item and leave me feedback.
-I will NOT sell to banned members of PKMNCollectors.
-I currently live with two dogs, neither of which have any access to any of these items. One of the dogs is hypoallergenic (Cairn Terrier), but the other is not (lab/husky/I don't know). Please keep this in mind when purchasing.
-TRADES: At this time, I am accepting trades for ONLY the following items:
  -Curled up Sandshrew kid

Commenting / Holds / Haggling Rules!
-This shop works on a first come/first served basis. If you comment stating interest in a particular item, that item is automatically placed on hold for you for a maximum of 24 hours.
-After the initial 24 hours are up and you do not respond to my ensuing comment regarding the automatic hold (saying 'I'll take it!,' 'No, thanks though!,' or 'What about if I shipped it with this other item?'), the next person to comment with the same item will be able to purchase it for the next 24 hours.
-If you are COMMITTED to an item and would like to place it on hold due to financial/personal reasons, please let me know in your comment along with the reasons and I will hold it for you. I'm very flexible with this and willing to work something out with you.
-If after you stated that you are committed, and after 24 hours you back out, I WILL leave negative feedback. Because that's not cool.
-DO NOT THROW THE WORD 'committed' AROUND LIGHTLY IN THIS SHOP. You're either committed to an item or you're not!
-Haggling is welcomed, but only REASONABLE offers, please! I will haggle for 24 hours with you, and if neither of us reach an agreement by then, the next person who comments on the item will be able to purchase it for the next 24 hours.

-I ship from Florida, USA.
-I ship worldwide.
-Prices DO NOT include shipping unless stated.
-I ship 5 days a week!
-I will reply to your last comment to let you know that an item is shipped, and will also take the opportunity to leave you feedback.
-For purchase that exceed $20 (including shipping), tracking will be automatically included in DOMESTIC (U.S.A.) shipments.
-For purchase under $20 (including shipping) and international orders, you have the option to purchase tracking. Just mention it in your comment and I will give you a total for both options (with tracking and without tracking).
-I am NOT responsible for items that are lost or damaged during shipping (though I am willing to work something out!)
-All non-flats will be wrapped with protection (plastic, bubble wrap) and shipped in a very well-sealed bubble mailer.
-All flats (depending on size) will be covered in either cardboard or hard plastic for protection, and shipped in a very well-sealed envelope.
-For TCGs, if you prefer, I can cut shipping costs by shipping in an envelope (up to 10ish cards per envelope). Shipping would be about 50 cents an envelope, and can send your card order over multiple envelopes if you want!

BOOTLEG Wailord Pokedoll - $5
Jakks Sneasel, tush tag only - $2


Top row - $2 each
Middle row - $1 each
Bottom row - .50 each (NOTE: Each is either marked up or missing paint or something)


Close up of the paint rubs and stuff on the bottom row kids. Nothing a little elbow grease, paint, and tender care can't fix though!


Really cool metallic Kyogre wind-up thing. It works! But has some scratches and paint damage. - $6 OBO
Kyogre strap, comes with Gacha ball if you want - $3

Shiny Orange Charizard Tomy - OFFERS. I'm really hesitant to let it go. Offer away and we'll see! Offers start at $10
Slowpoke Tomy - $2

Jakks Dialga - $3
BK Turtwig Card Holder - $1
Mewtwo Bouncy Ball - $1
BK Magnemite Spinner - $1
SOLD: Lugia/Ho-oh


Pokemon Black - Used copy, but comes with original case and all original inserts. Game works perfectly fine!
$20 OBO

SOLD!Pokemon Flippy Thing - SOLD
Pics below are just different angles of the flippy!


Really...hard to see and old Charizard marble (being held up by my lovely assistant Doge)

These items are either damaged, really dirty, or missing something.
Everything is .50 cents except for Latios, which is $1
Venasaur - Very dirty!
Bulbasaur - Not as dirty, but still pretty dirty!
Skarmory - BOOTIE
Latios - Missing left wing
Mantyke - A little dusty and dirty (decent overall condition though)
Raichu - Missing tail and doesn't light up

Kid Stickers! $1 each

COMMONS from Legendary Treasures (I THINK, not 100% sure. Can triple check if you guys want.)
.25 cents each

I think these are uncommons?
.50 cents each

.75 cents each

Left column - Not really holos but sparkly - .75 cents each
2nd column - Reverse holos, $1 each
3rd column (Thundurus) - $1
4th column (Full Art Shaymin) - $2

Trainer Cards - .50 cents each

TCGOnline cards - Free w/ purchase


Freebies - The fire thing came from that old Charizard Hasbro figure that would shoot it out of its mouth


You're more than welcome to comment here to claim certain Pokemon items, then respond to your comment to add non-Pokemon items!

Thanks a lot you guys!
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02:20am 17/06/2011

"Take us to the coast
Carry us home."

(John Locke'd)
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