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I'm taking a quick break from studying for my finals to talk about Beck.
When Beck's album "Guero" came out in 2005, I was still fledgling to the world of music. But I remember 'Black Tambourine' and 'Girl,' and I LOVE those songs. So much that I sung them unknowingly for the next 9 years.
In early high school, I downloaded some other bits of the album, and still fell in love, not knowing the plethora of Beck that was to follow. Then "The Information" was released, and of course I fell head over heels in love with the song "Nausea."
I loved Beck. And I didn't even know it. The lyrics were catchy and simple, and the rhythms were complex, yet modern and danceable. And I loved it. That is honestly what I love in good music; it explains my undying love for The Ting Tings, a genre of music that I would never catch myself listening to!

But I restarted my Rhapsody account, and it recommended Beck. So I downloaded all of "Guero," and just...happiness. Pure happiness, you guys. It is honestly the old/new music I have been striving to hear for the past few years. I was sick of listening to the same crap (wonderful crap!) that I've had on repeat since high school, and I was burning for something familiar, but fresh, and modern, and catchy, and something that would encompass me as a musician, and me as a person.
And I found "Guero."
And I just felt ready enough yesterday afternoon to take a peek into "The Information," and I just died. I've already doodled a thousand Tsu's in various different poses and expressions out of pure inspiration, because this is the medicine that I needed. This is the cure.
I love Beck you guys, I really do. I always have. I guess I was just scared to admit it.